What our Clients (or their pets) Say:

  • Sammy loves to come here - he practically drags me.

    Mrs. E

  • I have been coming here for over 12 years and I have yet to have anything but a wonderfully kind and lover person assist me.


  • For future reference, I HIGHLY recommend the Western Veterinary Clinic at 25190 SR 2 in South Bend. 574/234-3098. Dr. Payton and his staff are awesome and understand your relationship and love you have for your pet. I thought it would be a huge drive ALLLLLL the way over to the west side of South Bend, but on the Toll Road it was 20 minutes and they are just a hop and skip off the SR 2/Western Ave. exit.

    Laurie, via Facebook.com

  • Without the expertice and stitching done by Dr. Langhofer I'm not sure I would be able to ride this quickly. Thank you so much for everything, and he was full of it today - which is good.

    Lorie, via Facebook.com

  • I would recommend Western Veterinary Clinic to anyone who had a pet from a small rodent to a big cat. They are a wonderful group of caing nurturing people.

    Barbara, via Facebook.com

  • This clinic was recommended to me by my brother, who told me: "I couldn't think of taking my pet anywhere else." I agree with his sentiments 100%. The staff at this clinic are too awesome for words! Truly!

    Cynthia, via Facebook.com

  • I love the fact that they take care of my Roscoe. They are EXCELLENT love them all!

    Kelly, via Facebook.com

  • They take such good care of me. I just love them all!!

    "Einstein", via Facebook.com

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